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We ensure that all our products are Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) aware. Tapered Bases to ensure wheel chair access is provided and the lower rail is designed to act as a tapping rail for the visually impaired.


Designed to last through the tempermental european weather, the hardware is engineered from high grade stainless steel that will last longer than just one season. See more information here.


The sub-components are sourced nationally ensuring that the cafe banner systems are available on short lead times. Our supplier base is strictly monitored and our vendors are frequently appraised.




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The Equality Act of 2010 enforces the requirements of the previous Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) this is a serious act with serious consequences for non compliance. The Cafe Banners from Brandline Products ensure that this is one of the concerns that we have removed regarding improvements to your disabled access. Avoiding unnecessary expensive changes in replacing your cafe barrier system and meeting your needs and the needs of the disabled in a sensible manner. The cafe post base has been designed with a gradual incline to ensure that wheelchair access is not hindered. The lower rail has been positioned to act as a tapping rail for the visually impaired. The finish of the posts has been carefully selected to ensure that reflective glares are avoided when the products is in use. Not only is this a benefit for the visually impaired, but as the products are generally positioned by a roadside, and bright glare could also be classed as a hazard to drivers. Polished chrome with a mirror finish should be avoided at all costs.

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The Brandline cafe banner systems are manufactured in the United Kingdom using hardwearing materials (Stainless Steel 316). Most other cafe barrier posts are manufactured using stainless steel grade 304. The difference between the steels are the corrosive qualities. Stainless Steel 316 is a marine grade quality material. Stainless Steel 304 was introduced as a cheap alternative to stainless steel 316. The 304 grade was first used during the second world war to eleviate the shortage of kitchen utensils. It was primarily introduced as a material that could be used internally only. It is important that the grade of steel is known to you prior to purchasing your cafe barrier system so you can be assured that it will be fit for purpose.

Engineered. The sub-components used on the Brandline Cafe Banner systems are machined. The top and bottom loops which, together with the cross beam ends, take most of the pressure during use, are turned out of solid billets of stainless steel. They are not cast or pressed as most cafe barrier system are. This ensures that no more of your valuable time or money is consumed on breakages and replacements. All of our cafe barrier posts are offered with a life time gaurantee against hardware failure.

Post Finishes. Although we do recommend that a bright polished finish be avoided for external use, there may be some internal applications that may require this finish. As a standard cafe barrier post, we do only offer a semi-polished finish. If you do require a polished finish, please advise your sales contact. We do also offer a multitude of paint finishes as well as a brass, bronze and copper effect. All of the paint finishes that we supply have been tested to ASTM B117 international test standard for corrosion resistance. A minimum order value is required when ordering a bespoke colour. Unless a specific colour is ordered, the standard natural semi-polished stanless steel cafe barrier post will be supplied.


There are several advantages in manufacturing and sourcing our products in the United Kingdom. Whilst the buyers from the far east are running out of stock and have to wait 10-12 weeks to replenish it, the Brandline Cafe Barriers are never more than 10 days away.

Manufacturing and sourcing in the United Kingdom also means that if there is any concern with a quality issue, it can be dealt with urgently and efficiently. A list of the locations of our key UK partners can be seen below.

Sourcing nationally allows Brandline Products to be flexible when offering bespoke solutions, unlike many competitors. Clients that want longer banners, higher posts or heavier barriers know that the Brandline cafe barriers can be modiifed to meet any requirement. Accessories can be designed and manufactured within a few days if necessary.

Since our conception, Brandline Products has been providing a professional service encompassing all areas of design, procurement and manufacture of safe alfresco products. Based in Daventry, our fully-equipped manufacturing facility is run by a dedicated and experienced team who consistently review the quality of our barriers. Also based in the UK allows us to be proactive when new legislation is released by local councils.Our prices are not dependant on exchange rates. Whilst the dollar value may fluctuate fairly regularly, our prices are only reviewed annually.